[Image] What Is The Robowerx?
What Is The Robowerx?

If you'd just kindly open your dictionary and look up the word robowerx, you will undoubtly find us there exactly between robots and robust. Can't find it in yours? Well, you should give that last millenium dictionary to your nephew and get yourself the latest, hottest, brand new edition which includes all the hip and modern 21st century words such as google, blog and adware. But that's okay, we've quoted for you below:

ro·bo·werx (n)
[róbó wurks]
highly intellectual and artistic invention ever created by man

Just kidding teehehe..
No we're not that great to be in a dictionary. Even when we bought this domain name they asked, "Robo-what? Are you sure you type correctly?".

Actually we're just a bunch of robos who love to do various fun stuff together, like dressed in sexy leather suits, tie each other up and do some fatal beatings. Just normal robot activites, we're not into anything kinky.

Kidding again teehehe, no we don't do that. Really.

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